Our New Counselor

     Our new counselor is Ms. Lander Fisher. She is from a small town called Catherine, Alabama. It is located in Marengo County. She used to travel 3 hours to get to get to Amelia Love Johnson High School because she lives in Tuscaloosa County. She transferred from Amelia Love Johnson High School to a school in Thomaston, Alabama. She says, “As a counselor you meet the needs of students through personal, social, emotional, career,  and academic needs.” She says her motto of being a school counselor this year is, “educate, encourage, and succeed.”  


My Favorite Game Roblox!!!

Roblox is a family friendly video game. Roblox has over 55 million games and over 4 million accounts. Roblox was released in August 2005. Players can design and create their own games. Players can buy items in the catalog. Players can buy robux. Robux is a type of money in roblox. You can buy robux with a gift card and real money. My favorite game in roblox is Welcome To Bloxburg.

My favorite book

My favorite type of book is Junie B. Jones. Junie B. Jones is a chapter book it is realistic fiction and comedy. I’ve been reading Junie B. Jones since 2nd grade. The book is written and illustrated by Barbra Park. She has written over 20+ Junie B. Jones books. She also sold more than 60 million Junie B. Jones books My opinion about Junie B. Jones is, that the books are funny and hilarious. I hope you will read Junie B. Jones someday.  

The Can Food Drive

The can food drive is for hungry people all around the world. The can food drive is important activity and helpful for helpless/hungry people. It starts October 1st and ends November 15th. The can food drive is for all hungry people all around the world. Oakdale has been doing it for 25 years. Alabama are compeiting against Auburn. It is 2 pounds of food.Two schools donated 2 million cans in all. The classroom that won was MS. Kennedy with 128 and Ms. Abraham Pickens with 76 cans also Ms. Jessica Kottschade with 67 cans.

Mrs. Rosens First grade class

Mrs. Rosen first grade students are getting  better there dibels test was above 69 & 70.  There synergizing much better in reading and writing. Today in Mrs. Rosens class they took the pearson realize test some made it to 100 & 93. There new story of the week is the stone garden. Mrs.Rosens class has mealworms as there class pet there taking care of it until they see the 4 experments that happen to a mealworm. On friday Mrs Rosen class wrote tons of facts about how mealworms begin and start. Mrs Rosens class is doing math about math phonics. Mrs. Rosens class is taking AR tests on friday Mrs. Kent shines the spotlight on them. Mrs. Rosen class are proative.

Mrs Landrums 1st grade class

Mrs. Landrums first grade class are reading Dr Uses books. And math and reading in reading they go sit on the carpet   and they go over there work. In Mrs Landrum   class the firefighters came and talked about smoke alarms, and stop drop and roll if you’re on fire. And for their homework and work today was greater than and less than, true and false. Mrs Landrums class read a few books today. And they talked about St. Patricks Day

Birmimgham Civil Rights Institute


Oakdale’s  Student Council went on a special field trip to Birmingham.  They visted the  Civil Rights Institute and the 16th Street Baptist Church. They had a childern’s   tour guide, It’s like a checklist. I’m gonna   talk about Rosa Parks , Rosa Parks gave her seat up on the bus. Which back then black people had to sit in the back of the bus. Was that fair? (No) . So it was somebody to stop that segregation.  It was Martin Luther King Jr. He made dreams and speeches about ending segregation and equality. Martin Luther King Jr. Worked hard about ending slavery. Some white people fought to keep segregation and equality. And some whites agreed with Martin Luther King Jr. They wanted to end  also. Some whites felt bad for black people. Te’Anna T

Mrs. Rosen class

Mrs  Rosen class is learning contractions, and draw concusions. They are learning  Ge words so as Dge words. The homework for today was write words with there high-frequency words. In writing they do there blue workbook. Then they go over it so they see is it right or wrong. In reading they are doing small groups. Some kids go to the back table and read and play as characters in storys. The other kids get on computer and do myon.com. The last kids do writing after that they read a book on the carpet, Then they do red shelf. Red shelf is stuff on a red shelf and stuff they can do if they finish reading.